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The British artillery shelter is an artillery position armed with a 105mm medium range artillery battery.

Strategies and Tactics

Though the name "Artillery Shelter" suggests that it would provide protection, this bunker can be taken out by around 2 to 4 well-placed artillery shells. It is roughly equivalent to the Russian Artillery Position, possessing the same damage and range, but for $10 more. It still does have decent range for it's price, but is easily overran by any armour. Coupling this with Anti-Tank may be a good idea. It is best used for protecting one's base.


Weapon Infantryyesicon.jpg Engineernoicon.jpg Buildingsyesicon.jpg Armor1yesicon.jpg Armor2yesicon.jpg Armor3yesicon.jpg Armor4yesicon.jpg Armor5yesicon.jpg Aircraftnoicon.jpg Rangeicon.jpg
Advance medium cal. HE shell
17 17 17 3 2 1 0 0 1.2km



  • A 25 pounder gun is 87mm which would be contradictory to the 105mm stayed in the info.

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