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Anzio is a 1 vs 1 operation in R.U.S.E.. In this operation, you must use your AT units, tanks and other units produced from your base to repel the Italian Ariete division as your forces land.


The Allies are not making any progress in frontal assaults on the German Gustav defensive lines. They decide to try another strategy, and land an amphibious force at Anzio, behind Axis troops.

Intelligence report

Sir, your 3rd US Infantry Division will lead the assault, with a tank battalion in support. But neither the artillery nor the Air Force will be able to back you up. Intel says that the 'Ariete' Italian armored division is in the vicinity, ready to throw us back to the sea: then, be prepared to repel an armored assault with artillery support soon after your landing. High Command is also reinforcing your command with 3 AT guns and 3 Wolverine tank destroyers: there shouldn't be too much of them...


Primary objectives

  • Defeat Legione 'Tagliamento': +1000 Points

Secondary objectives

  • Kill all enemy units in 15 minutes: +800 Points
  • Lose less than 20 units: +500 Points
  • Preserve all of your AT guns: +250 Points
  • Capture enemy HQ: +250 Points
  • Destroy 10 tanks: +200 Points
  • Don't lose any buildings: +150 Points
  • Kill 10 infantry units: +100 Points


First, quickly build a supply depot and an armor base. Spam Lee tanks in the middle of the battlefield. Once you have enough (about ten will do), send them charging towards the enemy. DO NOT use your AT guns and keep your base under Radio Silence and Camouflage Net. Once you neutralize the Italian HQ, you win the operation.

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