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Colonel Andrew Campbell is a British intelligence officer in the game. He generally briefs you on missions and ruses (spy, decryption and fake offensive), and generally acts as Joe's tutor and mission adviser on the front line.


Campbell was sent by Wetherby to rally whoever was left of a division of the 1st armored. He finds Joe Sheridan as the commander. He assists Joe during his efforts to defend a key town. He becomes quick friends with Joe seeing the man's good qualities as a commander. He even convinces Wetherby to promote Joe. He joins Sheridan's staff and assists him throughout the rest of the African Campaign. Later during Italy, he helps Joe turn to tide of battle against a combined German/Italian army. After Joe is promoted to a one-star General, Campbell begins a rivalry with the newly arrived Kate Garner. At first, the rivalry was because he believed her to be a distraction, then because of her criticizing his intelligence reports.

Campbell begins to have doubt in Joe, believing he is becoming more and more like Wetherby. After strange events in France, Campbell believes there is a spy feeding intelligence reports to the enemy. Nobody, however, takes him seriously. Fed up with Joe and Kate, he resigns from Joe's staff before Operation Market Garden. Two months after the disastrous mission, Joe apologizes to Campbell, saying he was right all along. He rejoins Joe and helps him defend Bastogne against German forces until help arrives.

After capturing the German general, Von Richter, he interrogates him about the spy, Prometheus. He and Joe then race to secure another spy, one who knows about the spy. He helps Joe during the crisis to stop the Russians. He helps organize the German transition army to fight the Russian while Joe's forces destroy a secret arms factory. He is the first to find that Kate had in fact been the spy the whole time. He is there to assist Joe in his final effort to defeat Kate. They succeeded and nuked Kate's base.

Afterwards he is seen asking Joe what he plans to do now. It is unknown what he does after that, though it is likely he stayed on Joe's staff during the Allied occupation.


  • In the R.U.S.E. E3 demo, Campbell was American.
  • Andrew holds the rank of Colonel in the British Army although the 3 gold diamonds on his shoulders indicate that he holds the rank of Captain, 3 ranks below Colonel. Even when he got promoted to General in Wacht Am Rhein mission.


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