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If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush.
- Murphy's Military Law

Infantry springing an Ambush on enemy armor

An Ambush is the tactic of attacking unsuspecting enemy units, usually from a hidden position, such as from cities or forests. Good units for this are infantry, paratroopers, and armed recon vehicles. Decoy units, radio silence, and camoflage nets can be used to help the ambushing army. An ambush can be foiled by Recon units who are near the concealed terrain, be it Woods, Cities, or a sector under the effects of a ruse.

A successful Ambush attack is Three Times More Powerful than the standard attack damage of the ambushing unit's weapons, giving even weak units a substantial advantage over heavier, more well-armed units. However, enemy recon units can see units in hiding; always be prepared to destroy enemy recon units, or the ambush will fail before it begins. If the enemy loses sight of your hidden unit, it can exploit the Ambush attack again. As well, enemies charging into the woods with recon support will suddenly be at your mercy if you can destroy the enemy's recon before they enter firing range.

Any infantry and ground recon units can hide in forests. In addition, most anti-tank and anti-air guns can be hidden there to ambush enemy armor or take an anti-air position without the enemy knowing until he's led his planes into the fray. There are some exceptions, such as the German 88 and mobile anti-air.


Target acquired; steady as she goes... FIRE!
- American Fighter Commander

Be on the lookout for supply lines that pass through/near cities or forests. 2 or 3 paratroopers dropped into these spots help you in 3 ways. First, you get points when your troopers blow up the supply trucks, as the enemy cannot stop them from driving headlong to their doom. Secondly, the enemy will be denied those funds as long as your infantry is there. Lastly, this tactic forces the enemy to change his or her tactics, and spend more precious filthy lucre to remove your offending paratroopers (which can be tough, especially if you keep sniping out his recons so as to keep the ambush alive).

Besides assaulting towns ambush is the primary use of infantry, due to their low price you can quickly cost the enemy a lot of resources while using little of your own.

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