"Diving brakes engaged -- dropping air-mail!"

~ American Dive-Bomb Commander

Aerial bombardment is the strategy of using aircraft, usually bombers, to attack enemy buildings or ground units. This strategy can be reinforced with decoy bombers to create an illusion of a massive force.

This strategy works best against buildings, as units can move out of the way. however, using aerial attack as a primary means of defeating the enemy is not advised, as all factions have mobile AA units, which can be built in large numbers to counter such a strategy. The opposing force could also use fighters, against which bombers have little defense.
Bombing works best in an opening (early game) position, or against an unprepared foe. However, the mid-late game period often has both sides well established with a considerable force, enough to deflect or destroy a bombing run.

The effectivity of bombardments has three factors:

-The aircraft used for bombardment

The aircraft used for bombardment will determine the effectivenes of the bombing. Bomb loads will determine your bombing effectivity much, because it effects the damage you inflict. The aircraft's self defense ability also counted when you're faced with enemy fighters. Finally, the aircraft's resistance, that will ensure the aircrafts safety when reaching the target area. 

-The number of aircrafts used

The more aircraft you deploy at a time, the more area you can cover with bombs, and this is useful when bombing enemy HQ, whre buildings are concentrated in an area. The number of aircraft launched will also ensure that the aircraft will reach the target. Bombers like the Amiot, for example, has low defensive ability against aircrafts, and can't reach the target area if you only have one deployed. But in great numbers, some will act as a bait for AAs and fighters, while the other went through the defense network unnoticed, and can deploy their payload on the target.


Bombers like B17s and Lancasters could defend themselves from fighter attacks, but those of others that has a smaller and lesser machine guns cannot. Fighter escort will be very needed if you don't want to spent a lot of money for a lot of loss and little effect on the enemy. Send fighters ahead of the bombers formation, they will keep enemy fighters busy while your bombers can pass the furball. Also take notice of where the enemy, if they do, put up AA networks. Secure them by tanks or long range artilleries. 

Though bombing may not have its effectiveness against an enemy defense in the late game, bombing runs can be an effective means of quickly and efficiently taking out enemy insurgents, especially Infantry, who would encroach upon your borders. Ground units rarely ever have an effective anti-air defense, unless escorted by Mobile Anti-Air units like Germany's Wirbelwind.