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ARL 40s are used to add mobile artillery support to tank armies in the battlefield. The 75mm and robust armor is expended at a very low speed.


  • The ARL 40s assault gun can be used as an effective anti-tank and an anti-vehicle artillery, as three of them could take out Panzer IIIs, Panzer IVs, and Panthers easily. It is unknown if this is a bug or this is on purpose.
  • ARL 40s can be used against light and meduim tanks with good effect while standing a decent chance against early heavy tanks.
  • They are best used to crack turtling players by pounding their defences as even the Maginot Bunker and Siegfried Blockhaus cannot last too long against them.
  • Most tank destroyers (like the Wolverine, Jackson, etc) will be destroyed before they can get close enough to fire at the ARL 40s.
  • ARL 40s are recommended to counter infantry, light/medium tanks and buildings.


The prototype propelled gun ARL 40 was an extremely sophisticated assault gun. Its development was long and the production could did not begin until the second half of the 1940s. The ARL 40 would equip Armored Divisions and play the role of accompanying artillery.


  • 72 of these were ordered before the war with 2 prototypes made and send to Africa after the fall of France, their fate is unknown.
  • Although big, bulky and guffy looking. The nature of the modern semiautomatic breachloaded 75mm canon was able to penetrate 50mm of armor at 1000 meters and the vehicle itself was equiped with all kinds of measurement equipment including rangefinders.
  • This was a rival design to the SAu 40, both were approved for production.

Pros & Cons

+Cheap, high DPS, solid armor, acceptable speed all at the same time.

+This SPG is able to deal with light armored units and withstand plenty of counter batteri.

  • Despite the stats, it does much more damage than the Sau 40.

+Perfect damage against aircraft(?)

+/-When put up against Sau 40, the ARL 40 is better protected, does more damage (despite the stats) and has a bit more range.

-For the sake of game balance, this 1940 design is not available till 1945.

-The MG seen in the 1-man turret ontop is not included.


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Hvy Assault Gun
Assault gun
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