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The standard air defense for the Japanese, the AA position has three machine-guns, making it an effective position against both enemy planes and infantry. It is only $20, but can be annihilated by any attack including fighter-bombers, which it isn't powerful enough to stop in time.

Actually the Japanese used the triple AA positions, instead in the unit info, they show double AA guns, and in-game they show quad AA guns.

Strategies and Tactics

Overall, this is a decent fortification for preparing against a light attack. It can easily be destroyed by fighter-bombers, so having more than one AA Position or accompanying a Type 88-75mm along with it can successfully repel an aerial attack. Unfortunately, the position itself is fragile and can be destroyed easily. When a number of these are destroyed it can leave a hole in your defenses, along with a chunk of your money missing. They should not be deployed too terribly close to the front line, although counting solely on the AA Position to defend your HQ is not smart either. You should place this fortification mid-way in your territory. Another thing to remember though, is that this position lacks any ability to damage oncoming tanks. An anti-tank gun or two should do just the job.

Pros & Cons

!OBS! The descriptions says it has 3 guns, the picture shows two and the stats says it is a quad AA HMG... Also the picture looks nothing like a 7,7mm MG, but more like a 20-25mm Autocannon

+(Tries to) Compensates for Japan's lack of true AA power.

+For being puny 7,7mm rather than Type 96 -25mm guns, it has plenty of firepower.

+/-It does pack a punch but it is unable to make planes turn away on it's own.

-Unable to deal with tanks and it's fragile.


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Hvy quad AA MG
56 67 28 550m


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