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The Type 1 A.O.V. is a Japanese prototype reconnaissance vehicle. It is heavily armored, but it sacrifices any type of weapons. With 60mm armor, it has the equivalent defenses in which most heavy tanks such as the B1 bis, Tiger, Pershing, and Super Pershing contain. This makes it perfect for frontline scouting, where lighter recon units such as the Kübelsitzwagen and the Sd.Kfz. 222 can be crushed under heavy artillery fire or carpet/fighter bombers.

It moves relatively fast as it can get in and out of trouble without being destroyed. However, unlike most recon units, the A.O.V. is unable to hide in cover, making it much easier to target in an open battlefield. The A.O.V., although being very well armored, is very fast so it can recon a battlefield while still sustaining hits.


  • Well armored.

  • Unarmed.
  • The only ground based mobile recon unable to go in forests


  • The designation "Type 1" would indicate this is adopted or designed in 1941.
  • The A.O.V. is not real and it is a work of fiction for R.U.S.E. During the Second World War, Japan did not have any actual armored recon vehicles, instead using armored patrol cars.
  • Close inspection seem like the suspension of a Type 95 Ha-Go with a Type 97 Chi-Ha chassie and some features from the Type 100 Te-Re artilleri spotter.

R.U.S.E. could have featured other none fictional options and more important units.

  • 20mm AA gun - Type 2 Type 98 Type 4 units which Japan lacks in-game.
  • Type 96 - 25mm which was considered an AT/AA gun, although outdated early in the war.
  • Type 5 To-Ku - Amphibious tank with a 25mm (not automatic) gun in a turret and a 47mm gun in the hull + MG.
  • SS-KI - Engineer versions of Type 89 I-Go with flamethrowers and MGs
  • Type 4 Ho-Ro - Type 97 Chi-Ha converted to an assault gun with a Type 38 -15cm short haubitser.
  • Ko-Ro - Airborn light tank basen on Type 98 Ke-Ni.
  • Type 97 20mm - AT Infantry able to attack armour (15dps @ 250m) weak against infantry (7dps @ 150m).
  • Type 97 SNLF - Chi-Ha equiped with a short 12cm gun, assault gun with MG.


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